Kenny Drew Jr. Playing Left Hand Only

I am friend with Joe Locke...... on Face Book:)).  One of my favorite CD is the trio album by Geoff Keezer, Tim Garland and Joe Locke, "Storms/Nocturnes".   

So, he posted this Youtube some weeks ago.  It was Kenny Drew Jr. Playing left hand only.  
You realize how important it is after you lost it.  Because of this injury, I couldn't use my right hand.  I finally realized that I only think about my right hand.  My left hand can't do even a half of what my right hand can do.  

So, Kenny Drew Jr. was truly amazing.  It must take a lot of guts to do it..... and I wonder if I can play left hand only like him in this lifetime.
Too sad that he passed away such an early age.  Rest in peace.


Chorinho for Tati


この人と同じクラスになった事が1回だけある。Contrapuntal Jazz Improvisation for pianists(対位法ジャズインプロ?)といって、ソロピアノの際の左手のベースラインの弾き方、技術のクラスなのだが、この時にスペイン出身のピアニストでもう1人ものすごく上手い人がいて2人で火花を散らしていた感じ。もう10数年以上前の事になるけどすでに本当に上手かった。


I have met 2 amazing pianists from Armenia when I was in NY.  They both had extraordinary techniques and styles.  I start knowing about Armenia a bit more after I met them.  And, I very much understood why this pianist from Berklee was so good.  He is also from Armenia.

We once took a same class called, "Contrapuntal Jazz Improvisation for pianists", by Neal Olmstead.  I think the class is to built the left hand technique for solo piano.  There was also another pianist from Spain, and he was really good, too.  Both of them seemed as if they were throwing off sparks in the classroom.  He was already good at that time which was ten and some years ago... 

Anyway, this piece has been in my head.  I love it!







27days has passed since I broke my bone.  It will be almost 4 weeks.  

Since yesterday, I have started another treatment by ultrasonic waves. 

In general, treatment for broken and fractured bones usually consisted of setting the bones back in its proper place and holding it in place with a cast. Then we just wait until the broken bones naturally set back in its proper places. But recently, the study found out that the new treatment device, "an external bone growth stimulator" accelerates the broken bones to set back. It is now used as a treatment instrument.  

20 min a day if you wore this stimulator on the outside of the body, it shortens about 37 days to set back the forearm and about 58 days for shin bone.

So, I am still waiting for my broken bones to set back.
This is all I do, "wait"........
But of course there are some days and things that I want to share and write in this blog.  I will post it later.

To all who broke their bones and have been waiting to set back, let's fight for it together!!!






It has been 13 days since I broke my arm.  
I went to the Doctor's appointment this afternoon.  There were many people at the clinic even though "Obon" starts tomorrow.  (*Obon is an annual Buddhist event for commemorating one's ancestors.  It is believed that each year during obon, the ancestors' spirits return to this world in order to visit their relatives).

The Doctor checked my X-ray and told me that there are still 3 mm gap between bones and it needs to be filled.  It seems that my bones have been doing well without any problem such as dislocation.  

Too much expectation made me disappoint badly.  I was imaging that some miracle happened and the Doctor said me that I could start my rehabilitation today..... He told me that it has passed ONLY 13 days.  His comments made me realize that breaking bones takes time to heal and I get frustrated.  I want to get better soon so badly......

So, I shall change my mind.  I let my expectation go.  I am just going to sit back and relax:)).  


Dear all, お知らせ







Dear all,

I am typing this message in my left hand.  I fell down from my bike yesterday and broke my right shoulder.  The Doctor said that it will take about 4-6 months to set my bone completely.  I cancelled all my gigs in August and September.  However, I am planning to be back in October to perform, while I am doing my rehabilitation. 

I really apologize for the musicians who I scheduled to perform with for the next 2 months. My body is an important asset for myself. This incident really hits me that self-management is so so important.  

I will do my best to be back to perform in October.  I hope to see you all soon!!!

All the best,

Miho Nozawa